Compagnie Coloniale

13 Histoire - History 1995 The company establishes its workshops in Dissay And today, the company is still committed to excellence: the entire production process, from selecting the teas to their commercialisation, takes place in house in the company’s French workshops. The House is now famous for the quality of its genuine blends, and particularly for the aspect of the flavoured black teas due to the unique know-how of the flavouring steaming process. 2018 Compagnie Coloniale celebrates its 170th anniversary Since it was founded, in addition to developing new and innovative designs for its tea caddies, Compagnie Coloniale has always endeavoured to select the rarest teas with the subtlest aromas to create its original blends. In 2018, Compagnie Coloniale was awarded the Producteur-Artisan de Qualité (Quality Artisanal Producer) label by the Collège Culinaire de France, which was also a way of paying tribute to the tradition of excellence for which the brand has always been famous. This year, in order to celebrate its long history and 170 years of passion, Compagnie Coloniale has developed a unique blend of tea: “170”. Combining green and white teas and tasting of summer fruit, with notes of almond and honey, this anniversary tea evokes both the pleasures of fine eating and the signature flavours of a birthday cake. The “170” tea caddy, created especially for the occasion, features the stripes and anchor logo that have long been associated with the brand and which are such an essential part of its identity. Today more than ever Compagnie Coloniale remains faithful to its motto: Sélection des meilleurs thés depuis 1848 " Creating a tea blend is an art, tasting it is all pleasure. "